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Professional Home Improvement Services

Bates Carpentry And Building Services Ltd in Bristol, UK offers a comprehensive range of home improvement services, specialising in everything from high-end carpentry to complete kitchen remodelling. No matter your construction project, make our experienced team your first call!

About Us

Charlie Bates founded Bates Carpentry in 1986 after studying carpentry and joinery at Skill Centre. Charlie was self-employed at the time, but also worked as a private contractor. His most prestigious projects have included work on the castle at Disneyland Paris and on the Filton Abbey Wood Ministry of Defence but now works domestically supplying a wide range of carpentry including project management, Bristol, UK.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Charlie’s son, George, started work with him in an apprenticeship role from 2002 through 2005 after studying carpentry and joinery at City of Bristol College. Once his apprenticeship was complete, he began taking on his own projects, working on Bristol’s Cabot Circus and building tree houses for Squirrel Design. George also has a lot of domestic experience including kitchen fitting, Bristol, UK.

In May 2014, George teamed up with his father once more, finding that his glowing reputation had earned him more work than he could possibly complete alone. A year and a half later, the father-and-son team was doing so well that they decided it was time to begin trade as one company, and thus Bates Carpentry And Building Services Ltd was founded in December 2015 providing homes with a wide range services including refurbishment, Bristol, UK.

Thanks to Charlie and George’s dedication, expertise, and work ethic, we currently have more than 262 customer testimonials, all of which are 100% positive. Despite our excellent feedback, we are constantly searching for ways to improve our service and maintain our high quality standards.

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