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Charlie Bates started Bates Carpentry in 1978 just after he had completed a course in Carpentry and Joinery at the Skill Centre in Bristol. It didn’t take long before the people around recognised Charlie’s level of skill and industry and even as he worked on personal projects through his company, he was given outside jobs as a private contractor. Charlie worked on some notable projects in the course of his illustrious career, including the castle at Disneyland Paris. He also did some work at the Ministry of Defence in Filton Abbey Wood. These days, with over 39 years of experience under his belt, Charlie Bates supplies a wide range of Carpentry and Project Management services in and around Bristol, UK.

Following in his father’s footsteps, George Bates also took an interest in Carpentry from an early age. He too studied Carpentry and Joinery at the City of Bristol College, and after his studies, he underwent an apprenticeship from 2002 to 2005 at Bates Carpentry under the tutelage of his father. After his time as an apprentice, George started taking on personal projects and he did some work on Bristol’s Cabot Circus. He also spent some time building tree houses for Squirrel Design. In addition to these, George has notable domestic experience, and he is an expert in kitchen fittings, working on many projects in Bristol and all around the UK.

When George worked on his own, he was completely dedicated to delivering top quality services and ensuring the needs of his customers were met. He learned these traits from his father, and combining them with his youthful vigour and modern touch, he was a joy to work with. Before long, George and his father’s workload became too much for one-man operations and they had no choice but to team up in May 2014, starting a formidable father-son team. Together, they found it easier to tackle the continuous stream of projects that kept coming their way.

A year and 6 months into this new arrangement, both Charlie and George realised how effectively they worked together and decided to come together officially. Bates Carpentry and Building Services Ltd. was founded in December 2015, and the company offered services that spanned the area of expertise of both Charlie and George namely: carpentry, project management, building services, home refurbishment, kitchen fittings and general consultancy.

As expected from two people with the level of skill and professionalism that Charlie and George possess, in the short time that they have been together, they have had nothing but glowing commendations; with over 290 positive reviews on alone. Before long, their company became a household name in Bristol and they are well-known in the area for their second-to-none expertise, work ethic, and dedication. Despite all the positive acclaim, Charlie and George have not relented. As a matter of fact, they are constantly seeking ways to improve on their already high standards and deliver even better services.

In recognition of the ‘Bates Carpentry’ brand name and the quality that they assure, Charlie and George Bates were given an exciting television offer: they were asked to feature on the Channel 4 program “Ugly House to Lovely House” with George Clarke. Their task was to refurbish an old unattractive house and turn it into something beautiful and modern, and they did, to great success. The show aired in October 2017, and it showcased the father-son duo to an even larger customer base.

Yes, the ‘Bates Carpentry and Building Services’ name has gone beyond the local stage, but do not let that discourage you. Charlie and George Bates are family-oriented men at heart, and their business will always have its doors open to families, no matter how local, no matter how small. If you employ their services, be it to fix a small kitchen or to fit out an apartment complex, you can be assured of the same level of quality and professionalism, and at the end of it all, you will not only be satisfied, you will tell your family and friends about how great the Bates’ are.

In the words of George Bates himself, “In 5 years, we plan to have a fully-operational company with the infrastructure to employ over 20 well-trained people; people who share our values. We want to build new and modern homes, offer consultancy services to private companies, and at the same time, cater to the needs of our domestic clients.”

There you have it. A company that is actively planning for a bright future while staying in touch with their history-filled beginnings. A father-son company that understands why it is important to grow with the times while retaining the qualities that got them where they are. Hundreds of people have trusted them in the past and they were not disappointed, you too will not be disappointed!