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Terms And Conditions

The terms and conditions listed below are to ensure safe working practices and good cooperation between ourselves and the client. 

1. Work area.

1.1 The work area is to be made as clear as possible by the client unless pre arranged by email.

1.2 All children and pets are to be kept away from the work area at all times as the area can be unsafe. We don't accept any responsibility for any injury.

1.3 Any breakable items must be removed from the work area and any spaces leading up to the work area prior to work commencing.

1.4 We will protect all areas where work is taking place to reduce any mess and or damage. 

2. Quotations, estimates, payments and deposits.

2.1 We offer a free quotation service with one site visit and one amendment to the quote/estimate. Any subsequent visits or amendments to the quote will incur a fee. £40 +VAT for quote/estimate amendments and £60 +VAT for each site visit. A price breakdown of the quote will cost ££40+VAT.

2.2 The quote/estimate we provide will be valid for 30 days.

2.3 We take a 20% deposit to secure a start date. We do not make any arrangements for a job until we have received a deposit. We then take 20% on the day we start the job with weekly interim payments to be made each Friday or a day in the week we both agree on. A 10% retainer will be kept by the customer util the job is signed off to the customers satisfaction.

2.4 Missed payments will incur a fee if a notice of at least 7 days hasn't been given.

3. Snags and purchase orders.

3.1 Any snags must be raised within 7 days of the invoice.

3.2 Any wood products bought by the client must be stored flat in dry and warm conditions. We can't guarantee a quality finished product if the materials are warped.

3.3 If the site is cold, doors and floors may swell up especially if plastering has taken place. Plaster holds a lot of water and so wood products will absorb this. Heating must be on to lower moisture content in natural products. Doors may hit the frame if they have not adjusted properly to the environment. If the customer insists we plane the doors down before they have adjusted then a purchase order must be raised.

3.4 If the work changes from the original quote/estimate after the work has started this will require a purchase order. This includes any work not previously discussed in email which will be an amendment to the quote. see 2.1. We will send a price for the extra work which must be agreed and paid before we continue.

3.5 If the client doesn't agree the price for the purchase order we will simply complete the work as per original quote/ estimate and take no responsibility if any other work is affected by this. The client is entitled to hire another contractor to do the work outlined in the purchase order, but if we are held up in waiting for said contractor to do the work so we can continue our work we will charge for the interruption to our time.

3.6 Any materials supplied by the client must be there at time of fitting. Any materials that are missing at the time of fitting and require us to return outside of the time allowed will be charged for.

3.7 If we are held up by any tradesmen hired by the client we will counter charge for any time lost as a result.